Our First RV

Last summer (2017), Bob and I decided to look into buying a camper again. Several years ago, we bought a Jayco camper and had so much fun traveling to State Parks that we thought we would do it again.  As we searched high and low for just the right one, we visited PPL numerous times trying to narrow down just what we were looking for.  We found a very cute small camper with a Murphy bed that we considered, we saw several 5th wheels, but we were never interested in those.  One day, while walking around the lot, I found a Class C Winnebago Minnie Winnie on the lot and really liked the floor plan. It had tons of storage, and that was my biggest concern. Bob was surprised that I was interested in a motor home and said ‘oh, well, I’m going to have to up my game’.  That particular one didn’t work out, but we knew what we were looking for.  The very next day, a Class C Winnebago Minnie Winnie showed up on the same lot.  We saw the pictures and couldn’t believe our eyes, it had the floor plan we liked, lots of storage, and chairs instead of a couch.  First thing in the morning, we rushed over to take a look.  While it was the perfect unit, it was rather dated.  We bought it that day and couldn’t wait to go somewhere.  Being a 2001 unit, it was rather dated, so we did some extensive updating, new carpet, new vinyl flooring, new faucets, new chairs, adding a back splash in the kitchen area, and it looked great. We took a few weekend trips and just loved it.

In late September we took a long trip to Colorado for a photography week and had a great time.  This was our first big journey.  We pulled our Escape behind it logging in almost 2400 miles.  At the end of the trip, as we pulled out of our wonderful camp ground in Carbondale CO, we stopped and thought, ‘Well, if we turn right we don’t have to go home, but if we turn left, we have to go home’.  Of course, we had to go home, so begrudgingly, we took a left and headed back.

That moment got us thinking that it might be time to go full time.  This has been Bob’s dream as long as I have known him but I kept putting him off saying ‘I’ll know when it’s time’.  When we got home I felt that we were ready for a big change, but we knew it would take some serious planning.  We didn’t want the responsibility of a home while on the road so we decided to go all in.  From January 2018 to May 2018 we sold our furniture and most of our belongings, sold the house before it ever went on the market, stored important stuff, gave my cat to my sister (this way I can still visit him), and decided we would need a bigger RV.

The ‘BEFORE’ and ‘AFTER’ of the living room.  There were two other chairs, one black and one maroon.  We bought the tan ones.


Bob and Kay in front of their first RV, the Minnie Winnie
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