Stats From Our 2019 RV Trip

Finally working on the STATS from our RV Trip of 2019. It was such a great trip. We moved a little slower and stayed a little longer in places which gave us an opportunity to meet more people and really get to know the city we were visiting. We did a big circle around the central states because we have already spent time in OK, KS, and NB on another trip. I often get questions on the cost of things while living on the road, so I have included that information. I hope you find it interesting.

182 Days on the Road

Our route around the central states. Since we missed Moab UT last year due to RV repairs, we added that on to our 2019 trip, so we dipped back into the western side of the US at the end of our route.

Only 1 RV this year, but 1 different Car

We decided to flat tow this year instead of using a tow dolly. It’s soooooo much easier and faster to hook up; however, due to that situation, we had to get another car. We sold the Juke and bought a great barely used 2014 Honda CRV which is the last year they designed that car for flat towing. It’s bigger than the Juke so we had more room to haul things around. It turned out to be one of the best decisions we ever made.

14 States and 1 Foreign Country

5,784 RV Miles & Gas Cost

And he drove the whole time. What works best for us is him piloting and me navigating. We spent $2,450.16 in RV gas and $823.85 in car gas for a total of $3,274.01 in gas. Gas prices ranged from $2.26-$3.12 for diesel and $2.26 (here at home) to $3.54 for gas. We averaged around 7 miles per gallon in the RV, and about 28 miles per gallon in the car.

4 Big Set Backs & RV Maintenance

Stayed in 30 RV Parks

Stayed in 1 State Park, and 1 National Park

1 Boondocking Experience & the BIG Event

1 Hotel

Laundry Expense

I often get asked how we dealt with laundry. I don’t know of any RV park that didn’t have a laundry on site; however, some were very busy and I couldn’t use it when I wanted. I try to go first thing in the morning, but sometimes that doesn’t work. We have been known to go into town to a local laundromat. We try to do laundry only at reasonably priced facilities at our RV park. The price depends on if the units are new or old. We ran into a lot of parks that were upgrading their washer and dryers, so those will be higher. At one park the cost per load was $4.00(!!!), which was ridiculous. I couldn’t believe it and wasn’t going to give any more money to that park, so I drove 20 miles down the road to go to a laundromat that cost us about $5.00 for ALL the loads. Since I hang dry a lot of our clothes we are able to save a little bit on dryers.
We spent $162.50 on washing and drying clothes.

Groceries & Restaurants

One of the first things we do when we arrive in a new city is check out the grocery store. We also try to find a local grocery store and love it when we hit a farmers market. We were pleasantly surprised on this trip to find the types of stores we like, such as Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, and Safeway. We eat as healthy and clean as we can, and we juice our veggies most mornings. We spent $6,455.82 in 7 months, which equates to $922.26 per month, which breaks down to $230.56 per week, divided by 7 days equals $32.94 a day, then divide by 3 meals a day and it’s $10.78 per meal, divided by 2 people and the grand total is $5.49 per meal. THAT’S A DEAL!!!! We do try to buy organic and I like to cook so we eat most of our meals at home. Going out to eat is so expensive and we forget to share most of the time. We really didn’t go out that much but still managed to spend $2,370.40 at restaurants. It ranged from $144 for my birthday dinner to $25.00, if we were lucky and didn’t have any drinks.
The average spent going out to eat was $60.56, WOW!!

1 Birthday Celebration

We celebrated my birthday in one of my favorite places, Milwaukee WI. I am 60 years young and we had a busy day. We started off with breakfast, then ran the stairs down to Lake Michigan, then walked a lovely historic neighborhood. We enjoyed being down in the Historic Third Ward and ended the evening with Bob surprising me with having dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, 4th Base. We absolutely LOVE Brian, the Chef and he is the reason we returned. We pick out the food and he makes whatever we want. We picked out some seafood and it was tremendous and so fresh. We had the back dining room all to ourselves. Great way to celebrate having 60 rotations around the sun, and hopefully a lot more to come.

Visited 6 National Parks, 4 National Forests, 1 National Memorial, 1 National Monument, and 2 State Parks

1 Center of North America & 1 Center of the United States of America

Visited 3 Friends, 1 Family Member, and Met About 25 New People

1,975,809 Steps

54,897 Pictures Taken

5 Favorite Cities

Some of our favorite experiences and things we saw….

Miscellaneous Items

We spent $7,120.66 on miscellaneous items such as clothing, souvenirs, presents, hair cuts, a new laptop, extra curricular activities, office supplies, entrance fees, toiletries, parking fees, movie fees, toll road fees, medical fees, some business expenses, etc.

Great trip but always great to be home. Stay tuned for whats in store for 2020.

Getting settled on the ranch for a couple of months. It takes about 2 years to get fully equipped and gain confidence in what you are doing and taking with you. Hoping this year we won’t spend as much money.
The grand total for expenses was $29,743.13.
K's B-day 1008-14
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